Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Paragon Promotions is proud to announce the release of a wide selection of eco-friendly promotional products. As times have changed, we felt it was best to help the world by launching an eco-friendly line of products for your company to show corporate interest with the environment. We believe customers care, too. Therefore using eco-friendly and environmentally safety tested promotional products, such as t-shirts and apparel is a key feature to demonstrate your way to support sustainability of the movement towards a healthier tomorrow. We want to help your company create a campaign that speaks to your counterparts and customers of your position with conservation and maintaining global resources.

We take the difficult task out of creating an earth-friendly campaign using several industry proven methods. Our expanded catalog includes several types of recycled promotional products. (products made from post-consumer ingredients) and with more Eco-friendly promotional products (nature-friendly items).

At Paragon Promotions, it’s considered to be an advantageous marketing plan for your corporation to include earth-friendly promotional products branded with your company's name, logo or motto. By going eco-friendly you demonstrate true concern for the planet, while purposely creating a campaign that is an essential part of one of the hottest topics in marketing and puts your business interest in the forefront of your clientele's mind as a company addressing environmental concerns seriously.

Consumers who are concerned about the environment turn towards focused go-green campaigns that indicate the company listens and understands their concerns and is working towards the mutual desire with an eco-friendly world in mind. They will be proud to use eco-friendly promotional products if they understand the selective reasoning behind the decision to use those products in a campaign. Help customers feel a part of the choice for the go-green campaign, they will feel good about using your promotional items from Paragon Promotions and sharing them with friends and co-workers.

Address the possibilities! Part of your publicity advertising can focus on your company's decision to use more eco-friendly marketing materials to boost your corporate green credentials. Your Paragon Promotions assisted promotional campaign will engage your new brand in a two-fold manner by putting your logo in sight and in use while allowing you to capitalize on the campaign with information about your eco-friendly marketing decision. This will aid in making your promotional interest meaningful to the demographical audience you are trying to reach. At Paragon Promotions, we recommend using simple and clear communication while keeping your promotional message positive so your current and potential customers will be excited to get your eco-friendly promotional products. In your next corporate newsletter for clients you can explain your company's decision-making process and the commitment to using green promotional products.

When completing your logo design and branding options for your custom products from Paragon Promotions, consider adding tips on developing a greener lifestyle. Or include marketing materials that share why your company is crafting an eco-friendly campaign and how your marketed product choices are benefiting the global environment. As consumers obtain awareness regarding eco-friendly living, place your company ahead of the pack by leading the way for your potential clients and current customers to go green.
For further information about our eco-friendly customizable campaign products and for aid in developing a promotional plan utilizing our products, you may contact our customer service any time at 1-800-603-0042.