Promotional Mugs

The perfect promotional tool is not the exact item, but rather the qualities of the item. At least, it is something that is usually noticed and something that the end user will keep and use over and over. In a perfect world, it needs to be something that the user will take with them to their place of work and then leave it on a desktop such that other people will also have an opportunity to see the logo. The promotional item also needs to last for a long time so that they can see your future when your services are needed. And they need to be easy to distribute and affordable.

There are numerous items that fit the majority of these requirements, but there are very few that fit all of them. Promotional mugs usually fit most of them. They can be solidly and heavy built, which is a great advantage, but it also means that they can be expensive to distribute. Aside from that, they usually succeed in everything that you want from promotional gift.

Here is how they succeed. Many people have gotten promotional mugs that made great gifts after running a race as a finisher’s gift, been given them from online promotions, and have bought them after an event.

All of these promotional mugs remind people of where they came from. Whether the person is thinking back to when he bought the mug, remembering the 20K road race that they enjoyed and received the mug, or is drinking from an article writing mug, the promotional mug has lasted and continues to remind them of the businesses from which they came.

However, it doesn’t stop there. When friends come around they might be drinking from the promotional mug and see the message spread far and wide while the people who work in offices and similar environments can take in their favorite mug and leave it on the desk. Many people have frequently seen their colleagues pass a desk and stop to admire what is on the mug.

The humble promotional mug has a large area on which to print. If you think of the size of an average mug and then appreciate that the printing can be put all the way around the mug, which is quite a bit of printing space. Be sure to select a version of the logo that will spread easily and you have a hit promotional item.

Finally, promotional mugs are available in a range of sizes and shapes, from a plastic mug, to a thermal mug or a china mug. Wide or short, thin or tall, colored, or white, there are a large variety of different basic mugs to choose from. A promotional mug not be the easiest of items to distribute, but they are a fantastic addition to your promotional activities.