Promotional Sports Bottles

The personalized or custom sports bottle makes excellent promotional items. They represent a high impact and exciting promotional item which has a large surface area for imprinting your message, logo, or both. They also make a great way to carry other orientation package materials. T shirts, USB drives, maps, pens, required forms, and calendars can be carried inside a custom sports bottle. They encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and are environmentally friendly.

All the dangers of conventional bottled water to both the environment and personal health have made the custom sports bottle an even more important part of any orientation package. The use of a custom sports bottle discourages the practice of purchasing harmful plastic water bottles which contain the harmful ingredients BPA and the DEHP. Recently the FDA has linked DEHP and BPA to increased risk of prostate and breast cancer, dopamine activity that is irregular that can result in hyperactivity, complications of the thyroid, child obesity, miscarriage, impotency, and birth defects that may include deformity of the genitals. These complications will only increase if the students reuse the bottles numerous times.

Bottled water is much less regulated than even tap water and in numerous tests it has been shown to contain many more impurities and be much more contaminated than tap water. A recent study has revealed that 1 in 3 samples of bottled water contained levels of contamination that continually exceeded the permissible limits for tap water. In addition, bottled water is permitted to have limited amounts of fecal coli and E coli forms of bacteria which provide an unnecessary health risks to highly social communities such as a campus or school.

In addition to the health risks that are inherent to bottled water, there are also a multitude of environmental costs. Plastic water bottles use massive amounts of energy and oil in both their distribution and production. In fact, it is estimated that the amount of oil that is used in the United States solely for the production of disposable plastic water bottles every year could power one million automobiles. If you add in the cost of the fuel that is used to distribute these bottles from such places that are as far away as Indonesia, it is easy to see why most people consider bottled water to be one of the most unnecessary hazards of the environment that is perpetuated in the United States today.

At least 80% of the time disposable water bottles are not recycled and the plastics that are non biodegradable are commonly found in our streams and oceans. The plastic contained in these bottles leach dangerous compounds into the ground water and are one of the biggest factors that cause the mutated fish that are now dominating many of the lakes and streams in the United States.

Support a healthy, active lifestyle for your community and students. Promote your message with custom and personalized sports bottles that are imprinted with your message and logo. You’ll be helping to save the environment at the same time.