Giveaways for Your Promotional Campaign

Free promotional giveaways are typically gift items with the ability to communicate your corporate name and logo to your desired audience. Custom giveaway items can be comprised of a variety of promotional products made available from our catalog at Paragon Promotions to accommodate a wide spectrum of budgets and purposes. From inexpensive key chains, lanyards and custom-embossed day planners, promotional giveaways present the ideal advertising venue to display your brand's name and logo. Depending on the scope of your marketing campaign, the selection of custom giveaways is likely to vary. If you are unsure of what direction you would like to take with your giveaways, you may consult with our sales representative at 1-800-603-0042.

Promotional Gifts Increase Brand Awareness
Promotional giveaways are amazing advertising tools to expose a large number of people to your desired marketing campaign. With a multitude of giveaway items that have a dual purpose as being functional and practical, your targeted demographic audience is certain to find pleasure using your custom giveaways. Whenever they reach for their high quality giveaway that has been customized with your name and logo, they will be reminded of your company's appreciation for their loyalty. A gift item designed by Paragon Promotions is able to communicate your brand in a way that print collateral and other forms of advertising are simply inadequate, namely by providing a useful function in addition to relevant information. The length of time recipients of giveaway products are likely to maintain the items far surpasses the time period for which they would preserve paper related objects. Additionally, whenever a recipient of an imprinted giveaway utilizes their gift, they will expose to the public the custom message prominently displayed on the item. The normally high return on investments obtained by using our distributing promotional giveaways is a significant justification for purchasing these items for your marketing campaign.

Popularity of Promotional Giveaways
Giveaways have developed a widespread acclaim across a multitude of industries due to their proven effectiveness. Not only have countless studies shown that companies who frequently distribute complimentary giveaways receive superior brand recognition among their end users, but also custom giveaways have been found to improve customer perceptions of the advertiser. Always remember when selecting items for your promotional campaign that high quality promotional giveaways, whether large or small, achieve immeasurable exposure for your company.

Develop Brand Loyalty Through Giveaways
Promotional giveaways have become commonly used practices of direct mail campaigns and customer loyalty programs, in addition to their abundance on the trade show floor and at industry gatherings. Yet surprisingly, the response to campaigns which incorporate custom giveaways into direct mailings are significantly larger than those campaigns that do not employ such concepts. People love to receive promotional items that they can enjoy in their everyday living, and their deep appreciation for custom giveaways will encourage repeat business and forge a strong bond between those individuals and your brand.

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