Create Brand Value With Custom Apparel

The world is a huge marketplace where everyday new products, services, and ideas are born. Every day there is the birth of a new company, a business, an organization. But the question is how can a business create its footprint large enough to be seen? The competition is cut-throat and advertising through the online media is not always the best option. So if you are running a business, what is the single most important tool that will help in creating brand loyalty, brand visibility, brand awareness, and brand recall value? That single tool is called custom apparel. You can use custom apparel to not only market your company but also create a brand value that differentiates you from the rest of the competition.

The Promotional Aspect of Custom apparels

Custom apparel has a high promotional value and can be used by different industries and for different products, and services. Let us look at a case study to understand how custom apparels can be used effectively for branding.

The client is an international oil company and they have in excess of 800 gas stations all across the USA. The oil company had recently got their branding and marketing facelift and required something more personal. The idea was to create employee uniforms that would not only project the friendly face of the company but would also be comfortable for the employees and easy to take care of.

The first run was for 45,000 custom apparels that included polo shirts as well as pants for both men and women. The result was that employees felt more motivated and wore them with pride. It also made them feel like they were an integral part of the company. As for brand visibility, the custom apparel stood out in the crowd. Customers were able to relate to the brand because of the custom apparel, which had the company name embedded in bold on the back of the polo shirts. One more aspect that was taken into consideration was the addition of utility pockets in the pants making them look like cargo pants. These were made for those employees who were responsible for cleaning, checking, and overhauling the vehicles at the gas stations. As a result the custom apparel not only was useful but was visible in every nook and corner of the gas station.

As all the 800 plus gas stations had employees wearing the same custom apparel, it added to the brand recall value whenever a customer visited any of the gas stations anywhere across the US.

Types of Custom Apparel

Custom apparel is a great marketing and advertising tool but you will need to choose the type of apparel that you feel would better enhance the brand image of your company, organization, or business. You can choose from different types of custom apparel like polo neck t-shirts, collared t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweat shirts, hooded shirts, ringer tees for women, sports unisex shirts, full and half sleeve tees, pants, formal trousers, cargo pants, track suits, and much more.

But when you are trying to pick and choose the type of custom apparel then these tips will definitely come in handy:

You need to identify your requirement for the type of custom apparel and how many. If you require a high quantity of custom apparel then it is important to have a trial run with the printing company you have chosen. For example: if you want 1500 tees then you should have a trial run of at least 100 tees so that you know how they will look like and you can even test it in the market to see the results.

Secondly, you need to identify whether you require plain text with the name of the company, the logo or both. Ideally, the name and logo of the company has the maximum impact but it varies from industry to industry and according to your requirement and marketing strategy.

Last but not the least, custom apparel are available in different price range and different cloth material. The different types of cloth material are determinants of price, comfort, and other aspects like all-weather wear etc. Some of the different types of custom apparel cloth material and designs include 100% Polyester Microfiber with waterproof coating, pique knit, Birdseye Jacquard, Brushed Cotton, Cool Weave for increased breathability, Cool Mesh for increased breathability and better comfort, Duck Cloth for wind and snag resistance, Enzyme Washed for reduced shrinkage, Lamborder, Jersey Knit, Melange, Micro Fleece, and Weathered Twill among others.

Final Word

The one thing that you need to remember while choosing custom apparel is that it should help in increasing brand awareness and maximize visibility.