Custom Apparel Can Create Brand Awareness

Do you have a business that requires enhanced brand identity? Are you looking to create brand awareness and high visibility? What you really need is a strong marketing strategy that can enhance brand visibility. One of the best ways to do so is by ensuring the use of custom apparel by the employees of the organization.

Why Custom Apparels are important?
Custom apparels make a significant contribution towards creating high brand visibility!

The promotional value of custom apparel is much higher vis-à-vis other forms of advertising and promotion. For example: if you are running a supermarket then the employees working there are the face of the organization. Now if you get custom apparels designed for your employees then that will create an identity for your company. If you get 100 collared t-shirts in blue color with your company logo on the front and the name of the company at the back then customers walking into the supermarket will be able see the company name on the t-shirts. The custom apparel will work like a uniform. Customers will be interacting with your employees for purchase, billing, or information. The probability is that whenever and wherever a customer sees someone in a blue T-shirt, they will be able to relate it to your brand. This is what custom apparels can do for you – offer high brand recall value.

According to advertising and marketing experts, custom apparel uniforms provide a high degree of instant recognition in any service industry where there is a lot interaction with the end user or customer. Using custom apparel for employees can also enhance the overall perceived credibility of your company. Another salient point is that when you imbibe the culture of wearing custom apparels amongst employees then it creates a sense of unity and creates a bridge between the managers and executives. Last but not the least, your employees will act as the torchbearers of your brand identity and will transform into a walking advertisement.

One of the things to remember while building brand awareness using custom apparel is that the type of clothing you choose should always reflect the organizational goals as well as the culture.

Choosing Custom Apparel

Custom apparel is being used in different types of industries today as an in-direct or even direct way of promoting the brand. Industries and service sectors like oil or gas stations, supermarkets, cleaning services, laundry services, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and graphic design firms among others are now able to better understand the benefit of custom apparel uniforms from a customer perspective.

Custom apparels are most definitely a great advertising tool and different companies or industries will need to use it differently. One of the important things to remember is that the uniform chosen by your company should be on the lines of:

  •     Company website colors
  •     Company logo colors
  •     Should highlight company environment and culture
  •     Should differentiate your company from your competition
  •     Should enhance the brand visibility and image of the company
  •     Create a team atmosphere
  •     Promote employee unity

Almost 2 decades back, a coordinated clothing program using custom apparel was difficult as there were very limited options available. Around that time, snazzy and hot styles were out of question, most of the apparels were available in cotton or cotton-polyester combination, and there was no concept of unisex clothing.

But the scenario has changed today and there are several different options available in custom apparel including unisex styles. Today, you can choose from collared t-shirts to polo neck t-shirts, round neck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, sweat shirts, polo-shirts, ringer tees for women, hooded shirts, sports unisex shirts, formal trousers, track suits, cargo pants, scarves, and a variety of other clothing. As a result, you can run a coordinated work wear program that will include mix and match custom apparel like shirts, vest, sweater, jackets, ties, and scarves. Even with men and women having different clothing in the same color, it will give the feel of unity and bring out the true identity of your brand.

In fact, over the years, cloth manufacturers have started making durable clothing, which come in weatherproof, waterproof, windproof, and other combinations. The used of microfiber in clothing to increase resistance from water has also increased and so has the use of mesh.

Final Word

The important thing to remember here is that whatever uniforms or custom apparel you choose, it should align with the overall company ethics and the brand image.