Get Your Brand Noticed With Logo Merchandising

The promotional products industry was born almost 200 years ago! The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), this industry’s premier body, is an association for all the distributors in the U.S. The first known experiment with a promotional product was done by George Washington for his election campaign. Fortunately since then, the promotional industry has grown and expanded tremendously. The main concept behind using any promotional technique like logo and apparel merchandise, is still the same.. that is To Get Attention!

For many years, corporations all over the world have been using promotional gimmicks such as logo merchandise and gifts to cover more ground and get their message SEEN. The promotional products industry is rapidly gaining approval with Americans as both a business idea and an effective marketing tool.

Market Pie of Promotional Products Industry
Market Pie of Promotional Products Industry

According to some estimates, the promotional products industry is a fast growing and rapidly expanding market.

The total sales figures for 2003 in this industry exceeded $16 billion. But in 2004 they grew to $16.9 billion.

Not only did the sales figures for 2004 surpass the B2B publication ad sales profits by an astounding $10 billion, they also exceeded the online ad sales space figures by $7 billion as well.

Fortunately for the promotional products industry, the sales figures have been growing with rapid pace.

The 2008 sales figures beat the 2007 sales profits and rose from $19 billion to $19.8 billion. This increase of 1.2% over the previous year is 3% more than the sales of Radio advertising space and $12.8 billion more than the sales of Outdoor ads space for the same period. Clearly, investing in Promotional products for grabbing attention is hugely popular in the U.S as compared to any other form of online or offline advertising.

Leveraging the Value of Promotional Products
Having tasted blood, organizations are keen to leverage the value of promotional products, but in an original and innovative manner. Therefore, industry professionals are using every product possible for apparel or logo merchandising among other things. This helps companies market their brand effectively and make its presence felt in their existing and prospective customers and employees. Of course, it is important for you as a company to partner with a reputable and experienced promotional company that can work out a dynamic advertising plan for your brand and parlay the best merchandise for this purpose.

Why Choose Promotional Products for Advertising
In order to propel your business into orbit, you must make an impact in the minds of your prospective customers. It is also true that thousands of business owners struggle on a regular basis to find the best possible tools and techniques to get their businesses off the ground. Therefore, the one most important thing any good advertising campaign must do is get you seen so you can reach the masses. And nothing does that better than promotional products. Using logo merchandise for brand promotion is good and sensible advertising as it encourages your prospective customers to try your products or services. Additionally, utilizing logo merchandise for promotional purposes is also a cost-effective method of getting your business the necessary eyeballs.

Why Choose Logo Merchandise
Choose a logo that has the power to attract your clients as well as represent your brand the way you want them to perceive it! By being reminded of your product each time they see your logo, the prospective clients will be able to attach a ‘recall value’ to your brand. By using logo merchandise not only do you create an excellent recall value, but you also gain brand loyalty! This is a very important aspect of your promotional products campaign, as you are living in a world where brand loyalty is becoming a rarity.

Logo merchandise is an umbrella term for items such as caps, t-shirts, bags, pens, mugs, watches among other things, that have your company’s or brand’s logo on them and have the ability to act like magnets to attract end-user attention! With good quality, well designed, professional looking and well promoted logo merchandise, any business can make inroads in the popularity and brand recognition domain.

Final Word
It’s important to remember that your company’s logo merchandise is an instant way to boost the recall value and retain attention every single time! So choose the products wisely to convey your message and guarantee the success of your promotional campaign!