Marketing Promotional Products for a Wider Reach

Marketing products for you, a business owner or a marketing expert, or both, offer a unique opportunity to promote your product or service to your target market. Marketing promotional products give you an edge, they build anticipation, and they boost customer loyalty. Some of the most popular marketing products are pens, ball caps, coffee mugs, USBs, key chains, among other numerous options. However, experts advice that promotional products should be directly given to those who will not only use them, but will also come back to buy your products or avail your services. In other words, marketing products are a great way to create brand RECALL VALUE!

Starting the Marketing Products Campaign

There are a thousand ways that can help you create visibility for your brand. As an almost transparent society, every thoughtful and well-execute marketing campaign is bound to make it work for you. And if it doesn’t work, you are probably not trying hard enough! There is truth in the statement that marketing products is a science. Therefore, it’s important that you work out a step-by-step marketing campaign based on factors such as the nature of your business, the product(s) or service(s) you offer, your company’s mission and vision among fundamental things.

The next important milestone would be to figure out the basics of implementing your marketing products drive. Do you have tradeshows in the near future for your industry? Will you use a direct mail campaign, or carry out a special gift week through your outlet(s)? You may choose one or all these options, but the one thing you must make sure of is that your products are properly marketed. This will ensure the maximum impact as well as the best value for every dollar you spend here.

Importance of an Effective Marketing Products Campaign

The effectiveness of your marketing products campaign will really be the decider. A creative and well-planned and implement marketing campaign is guaranteed to generate curiosity, keep the cash counters ringing, as well as, bring in both old and new customers, helping you to build brand loyalty. And all this will happen because of the marketing products you will be giving out. After all, everyone like to get freebies! This is the most important thumb rule for marketing promo products.

However, the most crucial thing here is to choose the ‘right’ products. For ex. If you give a corkscrew to a 14-year old, the whole purpose of your campaign will be defeated. Because giving away a corkscrew to a teenager will be considered improper. You will also give the prospective customers the impression that you haven’t really thought about your marketing products campaign; rather you are just distributing items haphazardly. This spells doom for your brand’s reputation, your budget, besides putting people off your brand for a long time.

On the other hand, if you are in the business of selling religious or devotional items, giving away small hymn books or prayer journals at religious conventions can really help you build a solid customer base. Not only will you come across as an intelligent, considerate, and thoughtful brand, but your choice of marketing products will also ensure that the audience use and keep the items for some time. Definitely a win-win situation for you and your prospective customers!

Power of Marketing Promo Products

When people keep your promo items that’s real victory for you! You have your business logo, maybe even your caption on these products and each time a person uses them, he/she remembers your company. The main goal of marketing products is to stay in the minds of your potential clients and prompt them to think of you when they want to buy or subscribe to a similar product/service.

Marketing products are very powerful in their reach and their message. Some of the advantages of promo products are:

  • High Recall Value – People will remember your company for many months, even years, after they receive your logo merchandise.
  • Repeated Exposure – Due to the usefulness of the products, you’ll be able to make a long-lasting impression each time the person uses them.
  • Positive Impression – Studies have proven that potential customers that participate in marketing products campaigns will have a more positive impression about your company leading to more business for you.

Final Word

Your marketing products campaign must include these four important factors to make it work: a useful item, designed to attract maximum attention, with good quality and sufficient budget. Always try to give your marketing products to the right people and increase your conversion rate while lowering your future marketing budget!