Using Various Branding Tools for Advertising Products

Advertising has become an integral part of any marketing strategy for businesses, companies, and corporate organizations. Advertising products have come a long way since the early 1920’s and even David Ogilvy days. There was a time when advertising products were quite common in print (newspapers and magazines). But then came radio and television, and these products are being considered as one of the primary tools responsible for the success of businesses globally.

The newest platform for advertising products is the Internet, which is growing at a rapid pace. Of course, there are various forms or types of advertising that a business or an organization can use to their benefit over the Internet and other mediums like the electronic media and print media.

An Insight into the Advertising Industry

The total advertising spend in the US in 1919 was $1,930 million, in 1940 it was $2,110 million, in 1960 it was $11,960 million, in 1980 it was $53,570 million, in 2000 it was $247,472 million and in 2007 it was $279,612 million.

In 2008, the total online advertising spend was $21.7 billion vis-à-vis $20.4 billion in radio sales.

According to experts, the online advertising industry is going to grow rapidly. The total spending in the US on online advertising will hit the $44 billion mark by 2011.

Online advertising is being considered as the most effective tool for advertising vis-à-vis television and any other media. This is due to the fact that interest accessibility has increased and has led to more and more people using the Internet for news, buying products and services, playing games, downloading music and movies, and much more.

Hence, more and more companies and businesses are looking at the Internet for advertising products instead of using traditional mediums like newspapers and television. Here are some online statistics that reveal why the Internet space is fast becoming a popular medium for advertising products:

Regions Internet Users - 2008 User Growth (2000-2008)
Africa 54,171,500 1,100.0 %
Asia 657,170,816 474.9 %
Europe 393,373,398 274.3 %
Middle East 45,861,346 1,296.2 %
North America 251,290,489 132.5 %
Latin America and Caribbean 173,619,140 860.9 %
Oceania / Australia 20,783,419 172.7 %
Total – Global 1,596,270,108 342.2 %


Simplifying Advertising Products

There are basically three type of target audience for advertising products and they are the local audience, national audience, and global audience. The type of advertising tool you use and the effectiveness of advertising will depend on the targeted audience type. In a nutshell, advertising for products can also be classified through various interpretations like:

  •     The geographical spread and this includes at local, regional, national, and global level
  •     The target group and this includes consumer advertising, trade advertising, industry advertising, brand advertising, or simply focused product advertising
  •     The type of impact like direct or indirect action advertising, primary demand or selective demand advertising, and institutional advertising

Of course the most important aspect of advertising products is consumer advertising because they are the ones who will purchase your products. Consumer advertising is basically a type of focused advertising geared towards making a consumer buy a specific product or register for a specific service. Consumer advertising normally uses rational or emotional appeal in every advertisement to address the target audience.

You can reach out to the consumer or the end-user through television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet but before you can do any of that, you need to Build Your Brand. The only way to do this is by having a website, which can be designed to reflect the company values, customer service, and showcase the various products available for consumer use. Today’s consumer is smart and informed and hence, more likely to visit your website to read more about the company. The more relevant the information you provide on your website to advertise your company, the more easily you will be able to reach out to your consumers. This is known as a type of indirect advertising of products.

Advertising products for consumer use has to be promoted from a consumer’s point of view and not from the company’s or the manufacturer’s point of view. The consumer wants benefits and good advertising will stress upon the benefits and value for money more than just the look and feel of the product.

Final Word

The effectiveness of advertising products largely depends on the amount of viewer to buyer conversions. Hence, it is always important to identify the consumer segment for your product before you can launch any type of advertising campaign.


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