Wireless Earbuds and Powerbank

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The Metal True Wireless Earbuds and Powerbank offers a two in one charging and listening combo for your smart phone. Never bother with charging cords and cables again, instead pack your power bank for an extra boost of power wherever you go. Wireless earbuds work with Bluetooth technology to connect you to music, movies and conversation anytime, click here to learn more. The Metal True Wireless Earbuds and Powerbank includes two high-quality items which work together with your smartphone to keep you talking and listening for hours. Forget about tangled cords and low-grade earbuds, and switch to wireless technology today. With the Metal True Wireless Earbuds you can connect using Bluetooth technology to any Bluetooth compatible device you own. From your mobile phone or tablet to your iPod or car stereo, you can connect with the push of a button and listen anywhere or anytime. The earbuds are designed with ergonomics in mind, to sit comfortably in the ear with no chance of losing them while walking, running, jogging, or biking. Take them in the car, on the bus, or to the gym, and enjoy hours of music and chat with no distraction. Light weight and small, these earbuds and charging powerbank fit easily into most purses, briefcases or backpacks. Take them on the bus, in the car, or on a plane to keep in touch and entertained all day. Along with your wireless earbuds comes a carrying case which works double time as a charging bank. Connect using a USB cord, and recharge your phone when the battery starts to drain. The case uses a 2000mAh battery which provides an additional 3-hours of talk time for your earbuds. Connect to any Bluetooth version 4.1 device within 10 meters or 33 feet and recharge in only 1 and a half hours from 0-100%.
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