Custom Created Logo Bags

Looking for an impressive and modern way to unveil your marketing message? Embossed logo bags are an inexpensive and practical method to get your brand into the hands of your potential clients. Starting with a low price point and having hundreds of uses, custom tote bags and backpacks from Paragon Promotions are excellent promotional items. Whether you require custom tradeshow totes for an upcoming event, or promotional golf bags for mailing out to current customers, our light, affordable and durable logo bags are great exposure methods for your company. Distribute custom tote bags to your employees for Earth Day, or perform a mass mailing to all of your clients as part of your next advertising promotion campaign. When someone receives one of our totes representing your campaign in an unexpected way, it feels more like a gift rather than an advertisement for your company.

Custom Tradeshow Logo Bags
Sporting the latest bold and most unique line of totes available, Paragon Promotion's line of promotional logo bags are absolutely guaranteed to garner attention to your message. Colorful and unique tote bags are always popular among recipients. Custom tote bags employing the newest fashions and trends insure that your logo obtains attention from passersby. Consider sponsoring a conference or tradeshow. Often organizers are looking for custom gifts to distribute to attendants. Give them embossed bags co-branded with your logo and incorporated with key-note information for the event. All attendants at the event or tradeshow will receive a custom tote as they pass through registration. Gaze upon hundreds of attendants passing by adorned with your tote bag over their shoulder. Get noticed at your next event or tradeshow with custom-branded bags from Paragon Promotions.

Utilizing Tote Bags as Custom Marketing Tools
Logo bags are a great way to manage promotions for your company at a tradeshow or event; recipients will be sure to use your tote for years to come. With pressure from society to be "Eco-friendly", more and more people are continuously looking for reusable items. Imprinted shopping totes are being sold continuously at retail stores across the nation. Help your customers and employees save a little money by distributing custom-branded shopping totes. We can help you with the "Eco-Friendly" custom totes that would impress your employees and clients. They'll be appreciative of the gift and will likely use your tote for many years. The large imprint area available on most totes allows your embossed logo to have maximum visibility each time your recipient uses the bag. Whether at a sports event, business conference or grocery store, promotional bags will always deliver your campaign message.

Inexpensive Logo Bags as Giveaways
Inexpensive and practical for everyone, logo bags are one of the most desired custom giveaways in the promotional product industry. Promotional products with a low cost can deliver a large return on your financial investment. For example, with just one dollar for a bag, you can distribute a gift to a corporate client, reward a dedicated employee, gain hundreds of advertising impressions and promote your company's eco-friendliness. Custom tote bags are an excellent choice for your next campaign. Maximize your advertising dollars while strategically promoting your brand when you distribute embossed logo totes to your clients and employees

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