Paragon Promotions, Inc. adheres to the following Code of Ethics:

• Our first responsibility is to provide accurate and competitive pricing, rapid production time, and on time delivery with all orders to meet our goal of exceeding customer expectations.

• Maintain fairness, integrity and honesty with both customers and employees.

• Commit to the highest level of business ethics of our employees.

• Provide customers with accurate information and creative ideas regarding the highest quality of promotional products.

• Protect client-sensitive information as private and confidential. All personal and credit card information will be protected on secured servers.

• Treat all customers fairly and equally while maintaining the highest level of ethical standards.

• We pride ourselves on respect, courtesy, manners and kindness through all business interactions with customers and venders.

• Paragon’s code of ethics mirrors our company’s values, aspirations, and principles.

• We strive for customer success and growth through excellence and quality, not by discrediting our competitor’s products or service.

• Our goal is to deliver first-class products and services through our strong work ethic, ideals and principles.

• Implement morality in our decisions and actions that apply to all of our customers.

• Our obligation is to preserve a safe, productive and healthy company atmosphere.

• Accomplish success by providing honest and truthful information to each customer and employee.

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