Custom Embossed Journals as Promotional Items

Custom embossed journals encompass a massive selection of notebooks and writing tablets. By giving away promotional journals to clients and employees, your brand's name and logo will be prominently displayed in front of them. Paragon Promotions’ array of custom journals includes a multitude of different styles and product options, so you can select and customize the promotional journal that best represents your company's style and marketing requirements. Whether you are looking for a practical giveaway or an employee achievement gift, embossed journals can achieve your desired objectives, while also effectively promoting your corporate brand.

Assorted Custom Journals for Your Promotion
Our custom journals come in a wide range of styles and options. One of our most popular kind of journals is the spiral-bound, and we offer variations that have spiral binding at the top edge or at the left side. Another kind of our journals is the pivot journal, which is held together at the corner. Some promotional journals feature pen loops made from elastic or fabric to enable the user to attach their pen or pencil to the journal when not in use. Materials from which custom journals are manufactured include eco-friendly components such as recycled cardboard, leather, aluminum alloy, or plastic, and even the paper contained inside each promotional journal is made from various textile material. Some embossed journals provide paper that has been recycled from other products, while some include durable cardstock paper able to withstand daily business or academic use. The variations of promotional journals featured on our website are affordable and high quality, making custom journals a feasible promotional consideration for any size business.

Custom Journals for General Use
Journals are relevant to people from all walks of life, as we all depend upon writing tablets to make notes related to our personal and professional life. Promotional journals have a strong place in business offices, locations of educational institutions and medical facilities, due to the convenience of having a portable notepad stored easily in a purse or brief case. So why not make sure the notepads that people see are embossed with your logo and designed by Paragon Promotions. Even young schoolchildren have an appreciation of customized journals for writing notes and pertinent information. The compact size of our custom journals is ideal for trade show participants as they are lightweight enough to be carried to educational seminars for note-taking purposes. Recipients of your promotional journals will be able to take home these functional gifts to employ during ordinary workdays. Not only will your company's distribution of promotional items to loyal customers and employees result in wider strategic brand recognition, but it is likely to improve public perceptions of your brand.