Promo Items is a Strong Marketing Tool

Promotional items are considered as one of the best marketing tools that can enhance business growth. Promotional items became an integral part of marketing strategies in the early 80’s and since then through innovation and creativity, the concept of using promo items have been kept alive. The fundamental reason behind using promotional products for marketing of a business is that it helps in creating a visible, tangible, and durable connection with your prospective customer. Whether you are giving away promo items online or through competitions, it will help in generating more touches and reach out to your target audience. Even traditional forms of advertising have not succeeded in reaching out to such a wider base of customers.

Promo Items or Branded Merchandise

Promo items are also known as branded merchandise because most companies have their logo, slogan, and company name on these products. Whether it is a t-shirt or a cap, or even a mug, the only way to create brand visibility is by using the brand name and logo on the item. For example: if you are giving away promo items like mugs through competitions to prospective customers then that mug should add more value to the brand. Every time the customer drinks coffee out of the mug they will be reminded of your company and this will help in creating brand recall value.

One of the first promo items to be used for marketing and advertising is the calendar, which is still considered to be an effective tool for building brand identity. One of the salient points of the calendar is that your consumers are either going to use it in their home or take it to office. Either ways it does more than just hanging on the wall. The calendar is a necessity because people need to check dates, make appointments, mark anniversaries, and remember birthdays and much more. Every time they look at the calendar they are looking at your brand or business. This means that if your company is selling electronics then your consumer will head straight for your store because looking at the calendar everyday has created brand awareness and value. Brand loyalty will follow suit!

Benefits of Using Promo Items

Promo items can vary depending on the industry, business, and target audience. You can give away promo items as a prize for competitions or give it free with any of your other products. There are several benefits of using promo items for creating brand value and some of them are:

  • Positive image: One of the most important aspects of any business brand building is focusing on the image of the company. In a nut shell, you will need to create a positive image of your company and ensure that it remains like that. One of the best ways of creative positive image is by giving away promo items to existing buyers or prospective customers. If you gift a product that is useful, durable, and is of good quality then it will create high brand retention value. Your customers will remember you for a long-time and you will definitely see growth in sales and as well as in brand loyalty.
  • Promo items vs. Traditional advertising: Promo items are rated above traditional forms of advertising like television and newspapers. This is because a promo item has a longer life and depending on the type of item, there is a high probability that a customer might see the item several times a day like a mug, calendar, pen etc. On the other hand, you can’t run an advertisement for a longer duration due to the high cost that it will incur and once the advertisements are stopped, most customers might not be able to recall your brand.
  • Generation of traffic: One of the key benefits of using promo items as gifts is that the word “free” always attracts buyers. If you offer a good quality and durable promo item then there is a high probability that it will generate a lot of traffic for you online and the viewer to buyer conversion rate will also be higher. In a way, it will assist in increasing the sales of your other or catalogue products. You can even give away promo items like calendars, mugs, T-shirts, planners, caps, key chains, pens, can coolers, stadium cups, sport bottles, etc., in trade shows and press conferences.

Final Word

Promo items are one of the best ways of attracting your targeted audience and it will go a long way in the process of building your brand.